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Severe Metastasis and Monkey Eating Flesh are two bands that I first heard about through a demo sampler. Both coming out of Philippines they are now together on a split CD. I remember their tracks on the sampler were good, so I couldn't help but pick this split CD up. Severe Metastasis goes first on the disc and I have to admit it took me some time to get a handle on this band. The band plays just like Corpse Carving style, TXDM chugs and devastating drum machine. The songs contains fast, rapid sections and slow that never gets boring and jams in a lot of good riffs, solos and slams. Severe Metastasis has a lot of good riffs but the arrangement is haphazardly which lessened the band impact. I am hopeful that this band could get better because I think songwriting is a little easier to improve on when you already have great riff writing capabilities and a unique sound as Severe Metastasis do. Filling out the second half of this split Monkey Eating Flesh have achieved a more cohesive sound than their split mates and because of that I think they're the more enjoyable band. Listening to this reminded me a lot of the raw and catchy sound of slam or groove-based goregrind and pornogrind bands. There's also some Devourment influence. As with Severe Metastasis it feels like Monkey Eating Flesh have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for their music which helps liven it up. Overall, both bands are nonetheless excellent and always worth the time.






Severe Metastasis/Monkey Eating Flesh(Lycanthropic Bestial Butchery)-2way split on Anura Records

Review by Ken(Eargasm Zine)

Another material from Anura Records, a two way split of bubbling gutturals and monstrosity.
First band will be Severe Metastasis. I've been in touch with this one-man beasts for almost a year now and have some of his material even thru e-mail. Severe Metastasis holds tracks 1 to 4, a one man band, who plays guttural groove oriented music. Very clean recording and delivery of each track with some skits and samplers, realistic drum programming, no exaggerations on the speed, just fill the spots is enough for him. Horns up!!!

All in all, two horns up for the two bands and also the label for releasing such morbid material.





Awake 7


Rating: 7/10

As my cognition for South East Asia scene in a couple years until now, a few attainments have achieved although some bad realities still hinder where the potential bands emerge to the surface and go to the wideness circle universally. One of them is Severe Metastasis, a Filipino Goregrind band which has only one member in the band. Fervent effort because in the beginning of 2010, this band has been released a demo with 3 mainstays songs. With my visibility due the scene where the fraternal bands, such as Human Mastication, Soul Engraved, Scourge, and some more live together. It's really an influence to Severe Metastasis musicality. An antecedent-al Death/ Goregrind represents all the compositions with approaching to the groove brainworks of the concepts. I little disagree with the artwork that explains many horrid sides to interpretation, but its a refraction so brutality is beyond the indifferent to be enveloped. So forth, about the arrangements, the velocity is put on the medial of intuition with the short and breakdown endured for the string outcomes. Speeds are constant for middle galloping, slamming sessions or  accurate styles from drum. Possibly, it's not easy task for Jose to take all instruments where programming impact is still not absurd but it's a matter to the sound straightly. And the fastness is still  not dense from the parts, where the hyperspeeds is never be put highly. But, without consequence the arrangements are really pure to bang the heads and stimulate our bodies to be moshing. A definitive design to cultivate the austerity with defending term toward the progressive inculcation. I take magnified and gory enough to my mind while the vocals deliver guttural growl/ pigsty vocal strenuously to the unbridled pitches colouring the sense. Vigorously, the beats expand the horizontal ferocity to dissolve the monotony for the songs, such as whether  the thematic accelerations tend to the longitudinal points, no angular. You listen deep to decipher capably more than me about this recording, because this album has essence culturally to adorn our scene. And substantially potential band that Severe Metastasis is become the familiar band to release the intrinsic stuffs. It kills nowhere... just dig inside!


1.Cannibalism of Starving Humans 02:10 

2.Drowned by Giant Tsunamis 02:29

3.Incinerated by Flaming Sun 01:55 


SEVERE METASTASIS / MONKEY EATING FLESH – Lychantropic Bestial Butchery 


  Pure underground is called for , at least when these two bands compete against each other here . Since nothing is given and what comes out is a nice shooting spree at the highest level .

For the first period, SEVERE metastasis show responsible and celebrate a throat hard first cream .
Quickly makes it apparent that it pays homage to the Death Metal underground . This is ensured , inter alia, the beautiful earthy guitars that leave an authentic impression , and if you did not know better , you could easily argue that part would have been bashing the early 90s .
Garnished with delicious intros also puts you at a very own style, which is absolutely commendable and would be essential .
It should be noted also , that is losgeschrubbt here not wild, but it is considered the nitty-gritty .
The articulation can can be heard as well , only the drums sound seems somewhat lax me . At the morbid impression this changes nothing however - here reigned quality not quantity!
Now MONKEY EATING FLESH is your turn and cut in an equally nasty notch .
Again extremists will beat uncontrolled somersaults , probably at the latest when the screams of a tortured soul can be heard , which apparently all the bones are broken. Fiese matter then, but still somehow awesome.
Stylistically, it operates primarily in the mid-tempo , with occasional outbreaks pace course, should not be missed .
There are catchy riff and guttural cough - what more could you want ?
The production is a little cleaner in this case , the charm still not lost.

Clean work ! With this split placing a awesome board before which old gods as ulceration and Putrid Offal calls to mind and also for tasters of Slam Death Metal unquestionably presents tasty food .

    Publisher: RTM Productions
    Rating : 10 out of 10 points
    Release date: 00.00.2010

track list

SEVERE metastasis
01 Cranially Amputated Bitches
02 Entangled In Rotten Umbilical Cord
03 Sick Brain Transplant
04 Left To Rot With Maggots

05 Plastic Surgery
06 Masticating The Bird Brains
07 Fecal Carving

Tags: ulceration , monkey eating flesh , putrid offal , severe metastasis.