It's been a while since I contacted labels and I'm still waiting for some positive response from the. I really want to release some new materials within this year. It's been years since I released my debut album and since then the sophomore jinx is with me. I'm trying to pass this and do the second follow-up on my previous release. I hope that everything will work and I will share some of my new works and music with you. Thanks to all the fans out there. You know who you are and you RULE.

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Looking for Labels

Currently, Severe Metastasis is looking for label/s who are interested in releasing upcoming materials from Severe Metastasis. Feel free to contact me just in case your label/s is interested in releasing future materials from the band or make any trade with the previous releases. Anyone interested in the materials posted herein this blog should get in touch with Jose for possible deals/purchase of previously released materials. Zines or just about anyone you can always contact me. Thanks!





I've written some quick tips for aspiring musicians on this page.

Severe Metastasis Updates

Severe Metastasis is looking for band/s for splits, anyone who read my posts who's interested in making a split please contact me and we will work together. I'm in the process or recording new materials for upcoming releases.Anyone who like to help is much appreciated as well. :-)





Severe Metastasis is currently recording new materials and looking for some bands for a future release.

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Beyond the Grave Records

all of the latest buzz on projects and one-man band Severe Metastasis will be posted on this site.

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