"Severe Metastasis" was conceived in the bloods of the main man Jose Godofredo Tuliao (Vocals, Guitars, Drum Programming, Mixing and Mastering) after the initial two man band venture "Soulcrusher" was never emerged. The venture grew in October 2007, beginning from a scratch. Having no immediate thoughts on the most proficient method to play all the crushing tunes effectively. The principal melody recorded was entitled "Brain's Self-Induced Sufferings" it was a true chaos as a result of old/out of date instruments that was utilized within the recording.

The main new instrument is a lefty Chinese-made "Sakura" guitar that up to this time is the principal weapon in delivering all the future arrivals of "Severe Metastasis". Severe Metastasis first demo entitled “Bio mechanical Flesh Eating Virus” is a blending
of six debilitated tunes ordered from the demo arrivals of Severe Metastasis. The demo was not effective, its a genuine battle for a small time band to make a name in the underground, there are a few investigates remarked adversely on the said discharge.

Toward the end of July 2008, Severe Metastasis have again made a few moves and re-recorded the past discharges from the demo collection to a more expert recording style after the band's terrible sounding generation of the past. After just about a large portion of a-year of experimentation, home-recording sessions, "Severe Metastasis" is at long last prepared to push all the new materials now with all the more clean and forceful sound generation. "Severe Metastasis" has delivered the first demo with expert sound-recording and lay-out amidst September 2008.

The demo entitled “Sick Hymns from a Perverted Mind” has got the consideration of nearby metal groups and audience. It was then included in some neighborhood parts that gimmicks both dark metal and passing metal acts around the city of Baguio.

The discharge was noted by an eminently gut grind/demise metal band from the Philippines "Bogrit" which was discharged prior in the piece of the year by one of United States extraordinary underground name "Going Postal Records". Right now both Severe Metastasis and Bogrit discharged a two-way part that is as of now accessible in the United States by "Going Postal Records" and being authoritatively disseminated by undergrounds greatest demise metal mark/recording organization "Sevared Records".

The full length for Severe Metastasis will soon be discharged in 2009 by "Going Postal Records"… .In the mean time all the nearby demise metal/metal fans here in the region can look at the most recent arrival of Severe Metastasis under "Anura Records", one of Philippines amazing underground marks entitled "Anino sa Karimlan" EP containing 10 ruthlessness infused tunes.

At present Severe Metastasis is composing new materials for the approaching full length. Additionally you may look at alternate works of Jose on the groups Haemangioma, Soulcrusher, StormTrooper and Andromeda Blood.